1. WSN Planner Version 1.0

Wireless Sensor Network Planner simulation tool is developed in the Department of Electronic Science, University of Pune under the guidance of Dr. A.D. Shaligram. We are happy to announce the release of the first version of this planner. This planner accepts various arrangements and communication related parameters of wireless nodes from user and computes the network connectivity and coverage. It is intended to evolve as a tool to provide facility for the user to find most efficient arrangement of nodes with minimum/optimum number of nodes to cover maximum possible area.

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  • WSN Planner Version 1.0

  • 2. FOS Explore Version 1.0

    FOS Explore is software tool to explore different configuration of fiber optic sensor. we are happy to release version 1.0 of this on 24th April 2012. This software tool is developed under the guidance of Dr. A.D Shaligram,Head Dept. of Electronic Science. This tool really useful for understanding and analyzing fiber optic sensor for different industrial application.

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  • FOS Explore Version 1.0